AML’s Silver Bullet


As banks and payments companies endeavor to meet anti-money laundering (AML) regulations to avoid hefty fines for non-compliance, easily identifying customers in the digital channel becomes paramount to their success. Some “old school” methods that worked in the past aren’t working anymore. Sarah Clark, GM of identity at Mitek, joined Karen Webster to discuss what process and technology can do to help meet AML requirements to truly authenticate who people are.

Though money laundering is a dangerous and enormous aspect of fraud, it’s often overshadowed by high-profile data breaches and other cybercrime activities.

However, both regulators and authorities around the globe are cracking down on businesses who are failing to adequately prevent money laundering activities. Despite the fact that many institutions are investing heavily in their anti-money laundering activities, bad guys are still slipping through.

Clark explained that many businesses continue to fall short in this area because the status quo of AML solutions are no longer cutting it.


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